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UFC 170 is here and for the first time will feature two Olympic medalists fighting each other, when bronze medalist Ronda Rousey (Judo) takes on silver medalist Sara McMann (wrestling) in the main event tonight.

The co-main event features two former Olympic training partners, when Daniel Cormier takes on UFC newcomer Patrick Cummins, filling in for the injured Rashad Evans. Bad blood started here, when Cummins said he made Cormier cry during training.
An intriguing matchup between Canadian star Rory McDonald and Brazilian Demian Maia face one another on the main card. Interesting to see how McDonald’s wrestling and well rounded style matches up with Maia’s high level jiu jitsu.
Thompson vs. Whittaker:
Thompson catches Whittaker early on with a good straight right. Some nice exchanges early on, Thompson throws an ax kick that Whittaker partially blocks. Both men willing to exchange early on, with Thompson getting the better of the exchanges. Whittaker already bleeding from the mouth. Thompson has some good punches and Taekwondo kicks. 2:04 left action has slowed a bit. Whittaker now willing to throw more. Whittaker is down! He’s hurt. Thompson try gin to finish. Referee Mario Yamazaki calls it off, first round TKO.
Ronda Rousey vs. Sarah McCann
And here we go! Right away they meet in middle and start punching with bad intentions! Wow!. McMann not backing down, Rousey has McMann against the cage. Rousey looks like she’s trying to KO McMann, but McMann is handling the storm well. Good knee by Rousey and it’s over! Bad stoppage by Herb Dean! What?!
Pyle vs. Waldburger: 
Early feeling out process for Pyle and Waldburger. Pyle throws a kick, Waldburger counters with a punch. Waldburger grabs Pyle and drives him into the fence trying to take him down. Pyle breaks away from clinch and the two square off. Waldburger throws a kick and slips. Pyle tries to capitalize but Waldburger sets himself and and they square off again. Nice takedown by Pyle, sweeps Walbruger and is halfway in his guard. Pyle moves to side control with 1:30 left and throwing small punches every couple of seconds. Waldburger gets back up and now has Pyle against the fence punching. Pyle throws some knees in the clinch and gets end of round takedown against Waldburger.
Round Two and the two exchanging early on. Waldburger knocked down by Pyle, but recovers and grabs Pyle’s leg. Blood trickling down Waldburgers face. Pyle in side control looking for the mount, unable to and Waldburger gets up. Blood flowing quickly from Waldburger’s nose. Neither fighter is hurt, but Waldburger does look like some damage has been done. Good body punch by Waldburger and he clinches with Pyle agains the fence. Pyle throws some knees and reverses Waldburger putting him down. Waldburger now back on his feet. The two start to look like they are tiring bit from the fast pace fight. Round over.
Round Three and they are back striking on their feet. Waldburger throws a good leg kick and eats a straight right by Pyle. Pyle seems to be getting the better for the striking with harder punches landing. Overhand and straight right working gfor Pyle. Waldburger tries to take Pyle down, but is stuffed. Waldburger still throwing. Wow nice back elbow thrown rocks Waldburger and he goes down. Scramble and he gets up and has Pyle tied up agains the fence. Both fighters still going quickly. Good knee brings Waldburger down. Pyle has Waldburger mounted. Waldburger is hurt. Pyle trying to finish from the back. Waldburger looks done. Herb Dean hasn’t stopped it yet. Pyle still throwing and calls it off. Great fight!
Rory MacDonald vs. Demian Maia
Round One: MacDonald and Maia rush to meet each other in middle of Octagon. Maia has MacDonald down and starts in his guard trying to mount. MacDonald is defending well, Maia unable to mount. Maia still working, using his high leven jiu jitsu with small punches here and there. Maia gets the mount! Maia not doing big damage with his shots, trying to utilize his ground game. MacDonald tries to roll to get out, but unable to do so. Big shot by Maia to his face. MacDonald still trying to get up, able to get to butterfly guard. MacDonald tries to scramble to get up but Maia able to hold him. MacDonald hasn’t faced opponent with jiu jitsu competition as high as Maia’s. MacDonal is up! MacDonal wants to keep on his feet. and throws so mall kicks and punches. Maia engages with him. 10 seconds left Maia looks little tired along with MacDonald. Round over.
Round Two: MacDonal comes out striking and definitely wants this fight on the feet. Maia shoots in, but Macdonald sprawls and stops it. MacDonald constantly throwing kicks, Maia shoots in but MacDonald looks like he’s getting stronger. Maia’s takedowns now stuffed! Crowd going for MacDonald and Maia looks tired. Change of events as MacDonald stalking Maia and his striking better than the Brazilian’s. Halfway through the round and MacDonald picking Maia apart.  Maia keeps backing up, while MacDonald presses forward. Maia is still game, but looks wobbled. He can’t take too many more of these shots. Maia throws wild left, crowd yelling “Rory, Rory, Rory.” One minute left, blood coming off the nose of Maia. Round over.
Round Three: MacDonald starts striking right away. Maia goes for half-hearted takedown. Jab and right kicks chopping Maia down. MacDonald is quicker, faster and stronger on the feet. Maia has no answers for MacDonald’s striking and can’t get him to the round. MacDonald throwing basic one, two combinations. Maia hasn’t tried to change anything differently and shoots in again. He has MacDonald’s leg against the fence and gets him down! Crowd goes wild. Now the crowd chanting “Maia, Maia, Maia.” Maia throwing from the top but MacDonald flips him and gets up! Hard to score this round, the finisher will probably in. MacDonald still strong, Maia looking gassed. Maia shoots in again and can’t get him dow. MacDonald still keeping his jab going with his longer reach. Now crowd chants “Rory, Rory, Rory.” Maia shoots in again and stuffed. Maia just trying to throw anything. Fight is over!
2-28 unanimous for Rory MacDonald.
Patrick Cummins vs Daniel Cormier
Round 1: Patrick Cummins comes in looking nervous. He hasn’t looked up yet. Daniel Cormier coming in to Lil Wayne and Drake music, Cummins still not facing him. Cormier looks calm and cool.
Here we go — No exchange of gloves, Cummins comes out throws leg kick and is definitely the bigger fighter. Cummins shoots in and Cormier throws some uppercuts. Good punches by Cummins, returned by Cormier. The two are exchanging wildly. Cummins is down! The fight is over!!! TKO by Cormier.
More to come as David Kano reports live from Vegas….


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