It looks like convicted fraudster Victorino Noval will be behind bars again. The man the Hollywood Reporter called “An amiable ex-con with a killer Rolodex” is being sued for fraud over a $5 million payment to entertainment consortium The Hills Settlement that was part of the purchase of his home at 1141 Summit Drive in Beverly Hills, CA. Criminal charges are being filed as well.
It hasn’t been that long that Noval has roamed free–whoring and perpetrating scams on the people who think they’re his friends. Indeed, Noval is a would be Bernie Madoff–only he keeps getting caught. Known to party for weeks at a time with paid companions, the Cuban-born schemer who owns a string of troubled strip clubs as well, was already in trouble in the late ‘90’s over an elaborate $60 million mortgage fraud scheme in Los Angeles. He was purchasing cheap houses, inflating values through bribed appraisers and getting low-income folks to buy them with HUD loans. He copped a plea for tax evasion and mail fraud rather than face stiffer charges (But one wonders what other stiffness he faced at the tough Terminal Island federal prison in Long Beach!). He was known to service the warden personally, partly in his capacity as, ahem, his private gardiner.
Noval next appears in public as part of the ill fated Vinyard Project in Los Angeles–a hornet’s nest of lawsuits, backstabbing, subpeonas and mysterious connections to the Middle East. Through his companies LA Starz LLC and Tower Park Properties LLC. While the property remains embroield in a seemingly endless round of lawsuits and fundraising from unsuspecting dupes, Noval uses it to to throw charity parties for his Victor Noval Foundation–which is not registered anywhere as a non-profit. A charity party led by Rihanna is said to be fuming that they never recieved any money.
The fact that the house on Summit Drive is listed as being owned by the Noval Foundation, according to The Real Deal, just makes it more likely it will be seized when the whole house of cards comes tumbling down.
The investigative reporter Mary Cummins wrote, after hearing about yet another party at The Vinyeard: “Is this a scam? Victor doesn’t own or have control over the Vineyard. The last party they had there was a dump with porta potty problems and bad food. Do they even have a permit? Wonder how much they are paying someone to use the land? Wonder if it will be considered trespassing?” Read more from Cummins here.
His toxicity hurts everyone: in 2012 District Attorney Candidate Alan Jackson’s political career was severly damaged because of his association with Noval according to the L.A. Times.
Meanwhile, according to Cummins, Another huge judgment against Victor Noval has been filed. “Kyle B Rowe v. Gary Noval et al. Any property owned by Victor Noval and his new wife Hannah Fenwick Noval can be seized. They can also seize any property or asset Victor Noval is hiding in the name of his son Franco Victor Noval. Victor transferred a lot of property to his son for this reason. Victor realizes his son could go to prison for hiding assets yet he doesn’t care. This judgment is only for about $1M. Meanwhile Victor and his wife keep buying expensive things, going on expensive vacations, riding in expensive vehicles… They even admit they are buying all of these things. Karma is catching up with this convicted criminal.”
The question is then, ishis new wife Hannah Fenwick actually actively involved in the crimes of her husband (as more than some kind of beard to hide his other proclivities). Maybe she’ll be headed to the clink as well.
In any case, crossing The Hills Settlement may just be the bridge too far for Novalo. The parties to the suit include powerful, well-connected entertainment execs with deep pockets who have been known to win huge settlements in court.