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Attention class! Week six of Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from The Walking Dead is about to begin. This week in the course co-produced by Canvas.net and AMC,  we discussed how to survive on a post-apocalyptic diet because without any working McDonald’s, how are we supposed to eat? Public Health guru Zuzana Bic put together course materials that taught us about nutrition and how to eat a balanced diet when grocery stores are overrun by the living dead.

We took a look at this week’s materials and graded them on how well they taught us how to survive a zombie takeover.

Weekly Readings: A

This weeks readings gave us an interesting, in-depth look at the vegetarian diet, which would be the most viable option in an apocalypse. They illustrated what a vegetarian food pyramid looks like and explained some of the necessary vitamins needed for a balanced diet.

Guest Instructors: B

This week’s guest instructor’s section tackled hard questions like how do the characters feel once they realize that everyone is infected? And what kind of products are on the farm that other people can’t get and would be useful in an apocalypse? Getting an inside look at this discussion gave us a different outlook on how we would answer the questions ourselves.

Visual Materials:  C

Instead of photos, this week the course offered video interviews covering topics ranging from the perfect dream to have on your side during an apocalypse and how to prepare for natural disasters and a zombie takeover. The last extra video probably is really cool, except for the fact that it’s in Spanish and did not have English captions.

Visual materials (videos): B+

This weeks video clips illustrated the points of the class clearly, like when discussing how healthy it is to eat an owl or dog food. They helped us understand course topics thought weren’t as moving as clips used in previous weeks.

Quiz: B+

This week we personally got a 9.33 out of 10 on the quiz and were really mad about being .67 points away from a perfect score. Despite being just shy of a hundred we’re still glad all that studying paid off.

Overall, this week’s course earned an A- on teaching us about nutrition during an apocalypse, which next to fighting off zombies may be the most important thing to know about when the undead take over the world.

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