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They’ve done it again. The church that America loves to hate (and be hated by), Westboro Baptist Church, have released their latest parody song, and this time their target is Lorde. Their parody of her hit single ‘Royals’ can be heard on their oh-so-classy God Hates Fags site, but you can also read their charming lyrics to your heart’s content here. Highlights include, “Bloodlust, scoffin’, trashin’ your Creator,” and “As red as blood, as black as coal.” It’s cheery stuff.

Lorde has apparently earned the church’s ire for her open support of LGBT causes – in case you hadn’t guessed from their website, the Westboro Baptist lot aren’t quite 100% committed to the LGBT bandwagon yet. Give ‘em time. Lorde’s specific wrongdoing was getting frustrated with an Australian DJ who made jokes about her and Taylor Swift potentially being in a lesbian relationship, with at least a bit of a hint that there might be something wrong with that.

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In response, the WBC have announced a plan to picket her March 21 gig in Kansas City, and have put together their delightful cover of Lorde’s biggest hit in preparation. Lorde’s response, in a series of since-deleted tweets, was to call on her fans to “try to kiss church members who are the same sex as you.” Deleting those might have been for the best, as we can all see how badly that would have turned out.

Astonishingly, this isn’t the first time that the WBC have decided to cover a hit song. Katy Perry’s recent hit ‘Roar’ became ‘Hear Him Roar!’, which moans that “you fretted God for giving fags a voice.” They also had their way with Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’, which became ‘God’s Love’, and discuss making kids “fag bait,” before complaining that in America “violent fags run the show.”

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