In an explosive press conference between the two top heavyweight boxers in the world, challenger Wladimir Klitschko told British champion Tyson Fury to f*** off!

The Ukrainian beast is a model professional and is normally very reserved and respectful of his opponents … so it takes a major dick head for him to lose his shit!

Say hello to Tyson Fury, a trailer trash boxer from the UK, who’s calls himself the ‘Gypsy King’. His vile outbursts about women and homosexuals have sparked outrage across the world.

Angry Klitschko is now looking to knock the crown off his giant head.

Wladimir said: “I’m not OK with that what comes out of his mouth, his statements. For example, all homosexual men and paedophiles belong to same place – jail.

“And that all women belong in the kitchen or on their backs. That’s where he sees Elton John and the Queen.

“To him and all the people who believe that, I say ‘f*** off’.”

In the same conference Fury thought it was necessary to showcase his tubby physique claiming he doesn’t care about being in shape. Unfortunately the fat f***er even stripped off revealing his beer belly.

We’re 100% team Klitschko at the Ginger Clam, we hope he knocks the scum-bag on his fat ass!

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