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In a remarkable example of having far too much time on their hands, a real estate company have estimated the value of Game of Thrones‘ Red Keep for no obvious reason (except, of course, the glaringly obvious marketing stunt reason.) Bear in mind, also, that someone (perhaps many people) got paid to do this.

Movoto, the company behind the estimate, used an infographic to explain their deductive process, which began by locating Westeros on Earth, eventually settling on Europe because of political and regional parallels. Here’s how they then broke down the individual regions into sub-sets of Europe:

  • The North: Russia

  • Iron Islands: Scandinavia

  • The Vale: Switzerland

  • Westerlands: British Isles

  • Reach: France

  • Stormlands: Coast of Croatia

  • Dorne: Spain

  • Riverlands: Rhineland

  • Crownlands: Italy

They then suggested that Rome, Italy was the most likely real-world counterpart to the location of the Red Keep, emphasizing that beginning with location would enable them to assess the cost of property by averaging the real world’s property prices.

After this, it’s a matter of estimating the size of the place by considering its features, and choosing a room from the show to provide a frame of reference for measuring. After some mathematical magic, Movoto settled on 650, 160 square feet.

With location in place, and a size gauge for investigating similar properties in that region, Movoto went on to create a shortlist of similar properties in order to determine a benchmark figure to function as the Red Keep’s cost per square meter, which after some deliberation, was finally chosen to be $1143.

Multiplying that figure by the number of square feet in the hypothetical Red Keep left Movoto with the cost of the real world Red Keep, which completely predictably, is obscenely huge, at $743, 132, 880.

So there you have it, folks. If you’re passionate enough about real estate to spend your Game of Thrones time stressing over your inability or ill-qualified-ness to accurately estimate the cost of its universe’s property, fret no more. Movoto are clearly the answer to your prayers. Amen.

The Red Keep Valuation

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