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Remember when virtual reality was just a futuristic ideal? Now it not only exists but it’s getting as close to reality as possible, and HBO has capitalized on it with their Game of Thrones Oculus Rift.
After donning a headset and headphones, fans, or those who are just curious, can venture to the top of the Wall, the 700-foot structure that cuts the land of Westeros in half.

Obviously they’re not really venturing into this mythical land, but with senses like sight, sound and touch covered, the Oculus Rift technology gives participants a virtual experience close to what the real thing would be like.

While those in the Oculus Rift see a panoramic view from atop the Wall, they are also filled with the sounds from Westeros while they feel the wind whipping their face, immersing them in the virtual reality we dreamed about in the ’80s.

HBO worked with Relevant – the guys behind the visual effects magic in Gravity – to create the virtual world that’s being demoed at SXSW. Ian Cleary, VP of Innovation and Ideation at Relevant, told Wired that the goal was to trick people’s brains into believing they were atop a snowy peak by hitting as many sensory experiences as possible.

While this project has only focused on a land of myth, we’re sure such experiences could be created in place of all types of film. Until technology advances far enough, we’ll just wait for the day that our favorite TV shows come in the form of an oculus rift, delivered to us right in our living rooms.

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