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It’s Memorial Day Weekend — and the UFC is back in Las Vegas. It’s not the matchup we were expecting, Chris Weidman vs Lyoto Machida, but it’s the biggest MMA promotion in the world nonetheless.


Keep it here for round-by-round analysis for Renan Barao vs T.J. DillashawDaniel Cormier vs Dan Henderson and Robbie Lawler vs Jake Ellenberger.

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Lawler Ellenberger

Round 1

Feeling out process first minute, good leg kick by Lawler, followed up by two more. Head kick blocked by Ellenberger. Straight left by Lawler misses, tags Ellenberger. Blood coming from Ellenberger’s nose. Two minutes left, action has slowed. Punches by Ellenberger miss. Lawler tags him with right then left. Good body shot by Ellenberger. End of round.

Round 2

Lawler comes out firing with punches and left kick that pushes Ellenberger back. Ellenberger goes on defensive. Ellenberger grabs Lawler’s back, comes off and punches. Lawler comes back and punches with combinations that dizzy Ellemberger. He’s hurt, Ellenberger takes Lawler down, but Lawler reverses. They’re back on their feet! But Ellemberger quickly takes Lawler down. Back to the feet, 10 seconds left, end of round!

Round 3

Ellenberger looks tired but comes out swinging that startles Lawler. Lawler back on offensive with knees against the cage. Blood dripping down Ellemberger’s nose. The two start to slow. Halfway through now. Lawler hurts Ellenberger and he finishes with strikes! Lawler wins by TKO.

Cormier vs Henderson

Dang Cormier enters to Lil Wayne…

Round 1

Hendo opens with a kick, first minute Hendo tries to take Cormier down but flipped and thrown down. Cormier on top of Hendo in side control. Hendo still stuck on bottom. Cormier in half guard, with Hendo holding him. Cormier not able to rain down shots. Back to their feet.

Round 2

Nice shots by Hendo send Cormier back, but DC takes hint down. Crowd boos, and Cormier uses some elbows to the face. Hendo trying to get up buy can’t. Cormier in side control. 2 minutes left, DC still on side utilizing his elbows. Cormier on Hendo’s back throwing pot shots. End of round.

Round 3

Cormier lifts Henderson up and throws him, then trips him. Cormier takes Hendo’s side and throws rabbit punches holding Hendo down. Cormier takes his back and chokes out Henderson! Wow. Cormier by submission.

Barao vs Dillashaw

Round 1

Here we go for bantamweight title! Punches by TJ push Barao back. Good leg kick by TJ, but Barao retuns the favor. Good shots by TJ that has Barao defending. 90 seconds left TJ rocks Barao! He’s down trying to finish but Barao makes it through!

Round 2

Crowd wild already! Barao hesitant, front kick to the Brazilian. Good trade of combinations by both men. They are going for knockouts! 135 pound guys going at quick pace. No one is looking for takedowns. TJ bleeding but gets a takedown. Low blow by Barao. TJ recovers. TJ using some good standup that stuns Barao for a second. Another great round!

Round 3

Both guys come out firing swinging for the fences. Blood coming from Barao’s mouth and Dillashaws right forehead. Good back and fork punching, Barao stunned again. Barao still punching back. TJ on the offensive and ends the round with Barao on the fence!

Round 4

Good right by TJ to open round. TJ’s striking has Barao going back. Another right rocks Barao and puts him on the defensive. Barao constantly moving back defending, TJ puts him against the fence. 90 seconds left and TJ smiles at him. Barao trips from punch leg combo, and TJ on top. Good ground and pound. Round ends!

Round 5

Leg kick by TJ to open round. Barao looks battered and now he goes down! Dillashaw ground and pounds it’s over! TJ WINS TKO!

More to come…

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