Madonna is never one to keep her private life, er, private. But even by her standards, this latest meltdown is truly gargantuan.

In the middle of a concert in New Zealand last night, the gloriously breasted singer got highly emotional and made many thousands of people feel awkward.

Madonna told stunned fans: “There’s no love stronger than a mother for her son.” She then sang “La Vie en Rose” and dedicated it to her nipper Rocco.

The confused 15-year-old kid has been shacked up with his dad Guy Ritchie in London amid a ferocious custody battle.

A judge ruled that Madge and Ritchie must figure out an ‘amicable resolution’ to visitation. However, he has not forced Rocco to return to his increasingly fraught Momma.

Ginger Clam would like to suggest that little Rocco comes and lives with her. It would be a suitable compromise. Roccco could rub Clam’s back and make her margaritas, while once a week Madge and Guy could pop over for a chinwag with the kid.

Everyone’s a winner, baby.

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