How’s this for a soccer referee’s check-list? Cards, tick. Whistle, tick. GUN, tick! Only in Brazil.

Sports official Gabriel Murta decided to add a deadly weapon to his refereeing equipment in a lower league match that took place in Brumadinho.

The Daily Mirror reported that Murta lost his shit after being kicked and slapped by players during a heated argument on the pitch.

Murta, apparently a policeman by day, reacted by going back to he changing room and returning with a gun! The clip below shows a few of the players shitting themselves at the end (not so tough now, eh guys?).

Luckily the other officials were able to calm Murta down! It’s reported that he now faces a suspension or permanent ban from officiating. We say promote him!

Watch the clip below. In the meantime visit, the anti-social site where there are thousands of great of great videos, plus live interactive TV.

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