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The comedy about a group of lovably flawed misfits who find each other through a study group at the less-than-stellar Greendale High is back. Despite low ratings, drama between show creator Dan Harmon and cast member Chevy Chase and the uproar over NBC ousting Harmon in season four, the bizarre, trope-centric show has returned for a fifth season. Some say the actual viewers are really watching via online streaming TV services, where a new generation of viewers — like the ones who watch Parks and Recreation — have ditched cable bills for good; some say the fanbase is small, yet passionate. Either way, we’ve got a season five with Harmon back at the helm, so we’d better enjoy it. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Jonathan Banks has replaced Chevy Chase

The public drama is over. Chase’s character, wet wipes mogul Pierce Hawthorne, has been replaced with Breaking Bad alum Jonathan Banks. Banks plays a Criminology professor at Greendale who is rough around the edges, but soft inside. Kind of like his character on Breaking Bad.

2. Donald Glover is leaving after only 5 episodes

Donald Glover (also known to some as rapper Childish Gambino) is leaving Community after only a handful of episodes, purportedly to pursue work on his new show, Atlanta. Followers of Glover’s Instagram will recall a series of posts revealing his thoughts on Community and  his innermost fears, all written on the stationery of a Residence Inn.

3. Dan Harmon has a new show

Fans of Harmon’s humor can also enjoy Harmon’s new show on Adult Swim, Rick and Morty. The cartoon features a mad scientist — Rick — dragging along his dim-witted nephew — Morty — on sci-fi and fantasy adventures. The cartoon premiered at the Largo in Los Angeles during a special run of Harmon’s weekly podcast, Harmontown, typically held at Meltdown Comics. Fans of Harmon can hear him extrapolate about life on a weekly basis via his podcast on Feral Audio.

4. Auxiliary Favorites are Back!

Expect to see cameos from your favorite Greendale High students and faculty. Chang (Ken Jeong), the Dean (Jim Rash), Magnitude (Luke Youngblood) and Leonard (Richard Erdman) are all still roaming the campus halls.

5. #sixseasonsandamovie

Fans have been clamoring for Community to get six full seasons and a movie — so much show that it’s been a trending Twitter topic surrounding season five’s premiere. The fervor of fans has helped some shows with a built-in end date stay strong. While Community’s very premise is a four-year college, look at a show like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon lovers kept Buffy killing demons and monsters through college. Plus, don’t forget the power of the Internet. Veronica Mars just earned enough money on Kickstarter for what a movie, all from its fans.

NBC is available on FilmOn in New York. Check here for availability in your area.

More humor of the campus kind is available on College Humor via FilmOn:

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