The intrepid New York press corps had one thing and one thing only on its collective mind this week: The Sexiest Man Alive.

That is, Governor Andrew Cuomo, who found himself on People‘s annual list as the hottest 55-year old, and has been fielding questions about it ever since.

“In his fifties, in his mid-fifties, late-fifties–obviously I was dealing with a very limited pool of competition,” Cuomo said of the honor, Politicker NY reports. “But I think more than anything, I think–the State of New York is sexy, right? New York is a sexy state. Therefore the New York governor is a sexy position and I can only assume that that’s what they were referring.”

For the record, that “limited pool” included 55-year old actors such as Alec Baldwin, Viggo Mortensen, Gary Oldman and the Twelfth Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi.

When asked about beating out Baldwin (who is not having a great week, having also been booted from his MSNBC show), Cuomo replied: “Oh, I beat him? Well, no comment on that.”

Back in 2010, Cuomo landed on the list as the sexist 52-year old. “A lot of it’s just natural. It’s genetic sculpting,” he joked to the New York Times at the time.

These kinds of honors apparently run in the family: according to the Times, in 1997 the Governor’s brother, Chris Cuomo, made People‘s “Most Beautiful” list. In 1985, their father, former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo, made a similar “sexiest” list put out by Playgirl.

Keep up with the news with the New York Times’ World News, via FilmOn:

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