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Following a long-standing conspiracy theory, Michael Kaufman, brother of deceased comedian Andy Kaufman, announced Monday, Nov. 11 at the Andy Kaufman Awards that the Taxi star is alive and well, in love and has a 24-year-old daughter.

That being said, the recently re-released death certificate has a bit of a different spin on what Michael Kaufman is now calling a hoax. The entertainer died in 1984 at the age of 35 from lung cancer. Despite his untimely death, Kaufman has been an inspiration to many current comedians, and stands as a memorable force in the evolution of comedy.

Here, we took a look at what fans and other comedic luminaries Tweeted about the hoax.

Walking Dead star Steven Yeun voiced what everyone has been thinking since the whole thing started.


Nerdist Chris Hardwick was pretty excited, albeit skeptical of Kaufman’s return: Andy Kaufman! I don’t believe it, but it gave me a molecule of hope. Andy if you’re alive PLEASE COME ON THE PODCAST


MSNBC contributor Dave Weigel tracked Kaufman’s every move.

Cool, Andy Kaufman’s on the Acela to New York. He’s trying to decide whether to buy the Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich.

Philadelphia Daily News reporter Jason Nark might be onto something… If Andy Kaufman is alive, he’s probably in South Jersey


And then there’s those who can’t be fooled.

RIP Andy Kaufman…again. #throwbackthursday

Andy Kaufman is dead. I know because I dug up his corpse and reshot weekend at Bernie’s w/ him for my Andy Kaufman Awards Audition tape.


While others still remain hopeful.

Rob removes mask, is Andy Kaufman. Doug removes mask, is Tony Danza. Judd Hirsch removes mask, is Judd Hirsch. TAXI REUNION! PUBLIC TRANSIT!

Want more? Watch The Death of Andy Kaufman, now on FilmOn:

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