It was already a given that the online multiplayer component of video games like Call of Duty or World of Warcraft are littered with experts just waiting to take you down. The games have structure in place, though, to separate the newbies from the elite, so that you aren’t constantly being decimated by foul-mouthed thirteen-year-olds. You know, the type that doesn’t actually have to apply to colleges or get a real job yet, and therefore can and will spend all their time online.

So if you didn’t already feel like the game’s been rigged, the bad news spreading across twitter is that Call of Duty: Ghost was already hacked, even prior to the Nov. 5 release. User “MinnesotaBurns” has posted the news of their success on Youtube.

Those that take advantage of this are going to be playing the game, but as if on digital steroids. Those benefits? Aimbots, which help you lock on to targets that you can’t even see; speed boosts, to allow you to dash faster than Superman, and XP mods, to make an afternoon’s worth of work in the game reap months of rewards.

“MinnesotaBurns” claims that players on regular consoles won’t get involved without playing in the hacked version of Ghost, but this clearly tips the balance. Other videos and tweets have shown that getting a kill in one of these lobbies will net an unprecedentedly large bonus: an XP spike of well over 60,000 per kill. If enough users game the system, the average gamer that wanders into a room with abusers stands no chance.

Activision, who released Call of Duty, have yet to make any statements on this news. Their silence is likely an unwillingness to let it be known that the multiplayer could be an unpleasant experience, as this part of the game is the biggest feature for many gamers.

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