BattleCam has relaunched its Cavahole challenge today at the Beverly Hills studio with live, streaming, 24/7 coverage of the social TV star Cavacho entering the box he will call home for the next 30 days. As he settles into his small pen with only a sink, a toilet and a computer, FilmOn technology will stream the feed live to Facebook and other social platforms. The Cavahole challenge–which is like an even more extreme Jackass–will also be broadcast live in the UK via Sky Channel 292 and other stations around the world.

“The point of Battlecam … is like a sort of therapy. A place where you get to understand who you are,” says Alki David, the owner of FilmOn and BattleCam.  Cavacho – once described as a “human trash can” — has built his Internet reputation on doing gross things. Not Truth or Dare gross, but legitimately disgusting, possibly harmful acts.

Because a previous version of the Cavahole challenge was shut down by authorities in Arizona, promos for the event have been very clear to emphasize that Cavacho has agreed to participate of his own free will and has the option to stop at any time. He makes it very clear he wants to prove himself through committing these extreme acts–and it speaks to the philosophy behind BattleCam itself.

“Very often you realize how angry you are and the Battlecam community will let you know,” says David. “It’s sort of like the Oracle at Delphi. If you ask Battlecam a question, what comes out is the truth — the unedited, raw truth. Eventually that truth gets to you and you will change to a better you. This is what we expect of Cavacho. That he will find some self respect and elevate himself from human toilet to perhaps a nice little human door mat.”

In Cavacho’s new hole he will be given one plate with which to eat the three square meals that will be provided for him and he will have many, many cameras on him. On one day of his choosing, he will receive a steak dinner from Mastro’s. In exchange for his consensual captivity, he will receive $5150 and six months of paid rent. He also has the option to earn an additional $30,000 in challenges. At any point in time, Cavacho can say he wants to be let out and the event will end. He also has the option to refuse challenges and no fire challenges will be permitted at all.

Cavacho says he’s been doing stuff like this since he was 14 years old and while he’s only been a BattleCam user for seven months, it’s been a life-changing experience. He has deep connections to a lot of his online friends and intends to use some of the money he earns from the Cavahole to go visit other users. He cares about a lot of them and the issues they share, occasionally admitted to being moved to tears by their stories.

In the past, Cavacho has pierced his own genitals; eaten a five-month-old pigeon corpse, an entire watermelon, the meat from a dog’s skull, cat feces, dog feces and his own feces; inserted a sparking cider bottle, the tip of a pickaxe and a baseball bat into his rectum (usually followed by him licking the object); and pierced his testicle all the way through and poured lemon juice on the wound. He has done this all live on the Internet and according to a source who wishes to remain anonymous, is regularly threatening broadcast the removal of his own foreskin. The motivation is typically money, but Cavacho seems to derive a deep satisfaction from his ability to push his boundaries and gross out absolutely anyone.

Earlier this year, David gave Cavacho the challenge to live inside a small 10′ x 7′ shed for one week. The shed was to be build in the Arizona home of another BattleCam boradcaster — “Surfrat” — and would contain only a computer, a webcam and a waste bucket. Cavacho would receive three meals a day and David would set challenges Cavacho could complete to win additional cash prizes. Cavacho accepted, but the event did not go as planned.

On the first day, Surfrat picked up Cavacho from a bus stop in Bullhead City, AZ, blindfolded him, put him in the back of a pick up truck and drove him to his house. Upon arrival, the anonymous source says, Cavacho was “stripped of his belongings and told to wear an adult diaper.” He skyped from the his hole until he went to sleep, then slept live on camera.

On the second day, Cavacho was told to go to the bathroom in the diaper, which he did. He was then asked to “twerk” in his urine-soaked diaper. David logged in and said he wanted Cavacho’s face to be painted blue. This led to Surfrat, sidekick “Midnight”, and Cavacho heading to a WalMart with Cavacho once again in the bed of the truck. They returned with blue paint and Jack in the Box tacos. Cavacho smothered his in ranch before eating them.

Cavacho painted his face blue and, at this point, our anonymous source logged off.

Meanwhile, Cavacho’s legal guardian, Sue, had called the police in Bullhead, AZ, Surfrat’s town and asked them to find him. When authorities arrived, Cavacho told them he was there of his own free will; however, because Surfrat’s mother was the official owner of the house — who in turn demanded the event be stopped — they had to shut the Cavahole down.

Not to be discouraged, Cavacho was then transported to another Arizona BattleCammer’s home in Kingman, AZ — “Natasha.” Natasha is a dominatrix and exotic dancer who is assisted by her “gimp,” “Crusin”.  The Cavacho becomes the Natahole.

According to the anonymous source, Natasha wore a g-string and bikini top in her roach-infested apartment most of the event while Cavacho and Crusin were nude. Then, our source claims, the dominatrix had “Cavacho and Crusin take part in some of the most bizarre and disgusting activities ever conducted on The two men were degraded, humiliated and disgraced in front of an audience of over 113 people.” At one point, Cavacho went to the club where Natasha works and chewed gum out of a urinal in the restroom.

Sue then attempted to call in the big guns — she contacted Cavacho’s mother, who in turn created a BattleCam account to reach out to her son and talk some sense into him. This did not work on Cavacho, but the event did end up getting shut down again. Cavacho returned home, “around a thousand bucks or something” richer.

To prepare for the new challenge, Cavacho says, “I’ve lost a lot of fat and put on muscle. I’m hoping [David] will let me burn my oils while I’m there. Incense is one thing that helps me. I’m not gonna say I’m Mr. Spiritual, but I prefer my scented oils. Honeysuckle is my favorite scent and it helps me get into the mode where I actually have the most peace and I don’t even think abou the challenged, I just do them.”

After a pause, he says, “Honeysuckles are suppose to be sweet tasting, i figure it’s the sweet smell of success…”

Cavacho says his own self-confidence, the support of his fanbase and his strong willpower will ensure that he makes it the full 30 days. He claims that he never gets sick, no matter what disgusting thing he puts in his mouth, and the physical challenges — including the insertions — no longer bother him. (He did admit to being in tremendous pain during his testicle impalement.) Sue, however, has a different opinion.

Sue, who describes Cavacho as her tenant, believes that Cavacho is mentally ill and needs help and that he’s replaced God in his life with David. She claims the dog skull stunt did make him sick, despite Cavacho’s claims of an iron stomach. Sue claims to have met Cavacho eight years ago when “he was a crackhead” and cites several suicide attempts in his past. “This is the last thing in the world he needs,” Sue says, warning that if anything happens to Cavacho during the event that David and BattleCam will be held liable.

The madness is streaming live beginning Thursday, Nov. 7 at 1 p.m. in Beverly Hills. Watch live on via FilmOn’s Battlecam and in the UK via Sky channel 292.


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