hologram sosa

Chief Keef missed his court date in Miami for a DUI charge yesterday and so an arrest warrant has been issued. The hip hop star’s label head, Alki David, issued a statement to The Fader saying, “Chief Keef’s crack legal team will sort this out. Meanwhile, Hologram USA is prepared to beam Keef anywhere he needs to go. Boldly, like no man has gone before.” Cheeky double entendres and Star Trek references aside, its a wild suggestion that brings to mind Rahm Emmanuel’s attempt to shut down Keef’s hologram show in Chicago and the nationwide outcry about First Amendment rights being violated that ensued.
Keef’s been working hard on a new concept album and his health and wellness have never been better, according to people close to the artist. A new announcement from FilmOn/Hologram USA is coming soon said a spokesman for the label.
Hologam USA is the company with the patented system that famously brought Tupac Shakur back for a performance at Coachella and has also been used to bring back Michael Jackson, Jaun Gabriel and Jenni Rivera.

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