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Chief Keef’s long awaited album The Cozart finally dropped Friday from FilmOn Music and its quickly turned out to be one of the most controversial releases of the influential rapper’s career. Following the release of the single “Chiraq” which listed the names of 400 murdered in Chicago by gun violence in 2018 in its video, the full album sees Sosa continue to stretch and try new things. There’s some EDM beats, epic horn samples, some Caribbean steel drum, and some crazy autotune.

Standout tracks that fans and outsiders alike are praising include not just the obvious banger Barry Bonds, but the hilarious song Soldier with its unexpected dance beat. XXL mag praised The Cozart as “17 tracks of Keef delivering everything from ominous beats to playful, electronic-fueled dance tracks over production from 808 Mafia, TM88, DP Beats and more.”

“Chiraq ft. Jen Em” is still the most powerful track, continuing with a soulful vibe that the FilmOn Music produced “Missing You,” also with Jen Em, had two years ago, people have called it somber, powerful, and even saying “Keef has invented a new genre: Gospel Drill!”

The song even made an impact in England where knife murders among drill groups have become an epidemic. The country’s biggest news outlet the Daily Mail called the song poignant, and quoted the founder of World Peace Day, Jeremy Gilley, saying, “He is a hero in urban communities to this message will score a striking reaction–his call will be heard.”

Hot New Hip Hop called Barry Bonds a highlight, saying “On this effort, Chief Keef forgoes the schmoove altogether, opting for a bestial fury…Keef is never one to raise his voice for gravitas. Instead, his dead eyes and reputation speak volumes.”

Keef also made brought some much needed good news to the UK drill scene this weekend with the song Pitbulls with Skengdo x AM, the UK drill world’s standout artists. Keef has asked Mayor Kah of London to sit down and talk about ways he can use his influence to stop the violence in England rightly or wrongly associated with the drill scene, but despite his efforts Mayor Kahn has given him the cold shoulder.

Hologram USA announced The Chief Keef Icons of American Music hologram tour which will kick off with simultaneous dates in Chicago and Hollywood later in October. The Chicago dates will take place at the historic Avalon Regal Theater with the support of its owner Jerald Gary and Kanye West.

A clearly orchestrated smear campaign swept social media just days ahead of the release, spewing hatred for FilmOn Music CEO Alki David, and trying to squelch Keef’s freedom to express himself and grow. Must complained about the dance tracks, and spun complicated and bizaar conspiracy theories about contracts and whether Keef had any hand in the album at all. TV Mix has learned that many who initially started the rumors and spread the hate came from Tekashi 6ix9ine’s camp around the same time he was trolling Sosa after his San Fernando Valley house was burgalized.

Once the album came out the real fans stepped up.

@Bell_Chapo tweeted: “The Cozart may be my favorite Chief Keef project yet. All str8 smoke.

@LavanteBey said: “Chief Keef so versatile….The Cozart displays that.”

@Omaarito_ tweeited: “fuck the carer 5, y’all heard “the cozart”?” and folled with fire emojis.

@MrKJAL wrote: “Quick shout out to Chief Keef for experimenting on albums now. That Soldier song on The Cozart is low-key a bop.”

@tayruga tweeted: The Cozart So fucking cold Sosa definitely back”

More to come…

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