Breezy’s neighbor has labelled him as a “piece of shit” after yesterday’s drama fuelled incident at his LA crib – which the Clam reported on.

Chris Brown was arrested last night for allegedly pulling a gun on former beauty queen, Baylee Curran but has since been released on a $250,000 bail!

The douche-bag maintains his innocence of the charges but by the look of things, his neighbors won’t be welcoming him back anytime soon.

A furious resident, Rudy Akbarian slammed the troubled singer, and claimed he’s been pissing the people of Tarzana off, for months.

He said to RadarOnline:  “I think he’s a piece of s**t … He’s rude, first of all.”

“I’ll come walking out with my friends at 12 o’clock … He’ll be out here with his stupid little friends and their stupid little cars, revving their engines … Like dude, people are trying to sleep! This is a residential area! You wanna rev your cars? Go to a frickin’ racetrack like normal people do.”

“Not only that, it’s like the third or fourth time cops are out here … He doesn’t care.” Not that we needed any confirmation but this really solidifies what a colossal dick, Chris Brown is.

In regard to the allegations Brown faces, Akbarian added: “I’ve never seen him with a gun but I don’t doubt it. I don’t doubt it at all … He’s a piece of s**t man.”

Mr. Akbarian, we salute you!

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