In a move that simultaneously angered liberals and conservatives in New Jersey, Chris Christie passed a law requiring all auto companies to sell their vehicles through franchised dealers.

While this may not seem like a big deal, it directly targets electric carmaker Tesla, preventing the company from selling their cars in the state since they own their own stores.

Both Democrats and Republicans are unhappy with the decision. While liberals are mad that the eco-friendly cars will no longer be available within the state, Republicans see the move as an attack on the free market. The ban comes after dozens of individual car dealers donated more than $60,000 to Christie in lobbying efforts last year.

Somehow we’re not surprised.

All of this follows discuss Christie is looking to run in the 2016 presidential election. We’re not exactly sure if this was his idea of a genius political move, but if so it’s already obvious that it backfired. And that’s before the rule has even gone into effect, which won’t happen until April 1.

While Tesla bashed the decision in a blog post on Tuesday, this isn’t the first time the company has suffered this type of blow. The auto dealer is also banned in Texas and Arizona, while Ohio is considering a similar ban as well. With so many states looking to demolish the carmaker, we can only wonder what everyone has against a hippie company just looking to save the environment.

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