Oh dear, North Korea had better be careful, it’s fine to annoy President Obama and stop him watching rubbish comedy blockbusters – but now Clooney has got angry, anything could be possible.

It turns out that while Sony was busy bending over and letting Kim Jong-un treat them like a naughty mistress, Clooney was secretly trying to stir the Hollywood elite into action.

Deadline reports that the superstar actor sent a petition to the biggest names in showbiz, requesting that they make a stand against attempts at creative oppression. Apparently not a single yella-bellied star would sign it.

A furious Clooney said, “We cannot be told we can’t see something by Kim Jong-un, of all f***ing people.”

Clooney claimed what the real truth about ‘The Interview’ being axed is that people were afraid their emails would be exposed – that they sacrificed America’s great liberty just to save their own butts. Go George!!

Ginger Clam hasn’t found Clooney this sexy since he offered us an ‘internal examination’ during his hunky ER days.

The screen legend’s activity will fuel more rumours that political ambitions will see him soon run for the US presidency.

With Clooney in the White House, the silver fox can then challenge North Korea’s naughty leader to settle things properly, one-on-one – in a mega game of their fave sport, basketball.

Clooney will look better in shorts so our money is on him.

Keep up the good work, Georgey baby.

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