True Detective star Vince Vaughn has told how shocked he felt when co-star Colin Farrell confessed he was a former suspect in an unsolved attempted homicide case. Yes, you heard that right.

Vince told US talk show host Jimmy Fallon how stunned he was during a game called true confessions; whereby you say one thing that is true and another that isn’t.

In case you missed Fallon’s show at the weekend, in this particular episode the revelations were rather outrageous and the footage is currently still attracting thousands of plays on YouTube.

Vaughn revealed: “Colin was a suspect in (an attempted) murder case that was never solved, that never got solved! No, no it was not solved!!”

What made it that little bit worse was that Farrell’s alibi made the story even more surreal.

Farrell apparently said: “Thankfully a friend of mine kept a journal and on that particular night, at that particular time we were at a party on the other side of town doing ecstasy”. Totally legitimate excuse.

Farrell further freaked the guys out by impersonating the voice of Robert Durst. Vaughn laughed: “May I ask a question… who practices the impression of a gentlemen that’s gotten away with murder for that many years!”

What a crazy dude! Watch the clip below then head onto, where there are hundreds of free TV channels that you can watch on your desktop, tablet or mobile.

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