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Disney is beginning to corner the music market, and it’s all thanks to Frozen.

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After selling 2.1 million copies, the Frozen soundtrack takes the title of biggest selling album of the year, while it also remained at number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart for 12 weeks. Once seeing its success, Disney decided to release another album, titled DConstructed, and it’s exactly what you think it is.

The movie behemoth collaborated with EDM DJ’s like Avicii, Armin Van Buuren and Kaskade to remix songs like “Let it Go from Frozen, “Circle of Life,” and “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”

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The album dropped at the end of April, and while we’re pretty sure Disney created the release solely to generate revenue after seeing Frozen’s success, there’s a small part of us that has the feeling they want to see fans throwing raves to “Baby Mine” (House Version).

The creators of the happiest place on Earth will also more than likely start supplying kids with glow sticks, kandi (that chunky jewelry made out of pony beads that EDM kids wear and trade as a sign of friendship) and ecstasy. It’s a whole new niche that no other children’s company has tapped into, and if there’s money to be made, you know Disney will be the first ones to make it.

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Give DConstructed a listen and don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing before the beat drops.
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