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An Egyptian writer has put forth a conspiracy theory that The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart wants to somehow take over Egypt for the Jews…alongside Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef and Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

As Jeffrey Goldberg at Bloomberg first pointed out, writer Amr Ammar seems to have misinterpreted a joke Stewart made during a visit to Youssef’s Daily Show-like satire show earlier this year. “As you know, my people like to wander the desert,” Stewart told Youssef. “It’s been two weeks. I’ve got 50 weeks and 38 years left.” According to Ammar, this means that Stewart believes “that Egypt belongs to them, that it is his homeland.”

The Middle East Media Research Institute translated comments by Ammar to Tahrir TV, first tying a 1970 writing by Brzezinski to Youssef’s role in Egyptian society: “[Brzezinski] said that millions of people can be mobilized by what he called a fad, using the new media, technology, conventional media, and so on, thus giving rise to an attractive and charismatic personality… Thirty-three years later, this fad has emerged here in Egypt, in the form of Bassem Youssef.”

And then Ammar — with some apparent misquoting — brought Jon Stewart into it, who he described as Yousseff’s “spiritual father” whose “ideology is based on Brzezinski’s ideas.”

“If you recall, when Jon Stewart visited here in Egypt, he was a guest on Bassem Youssef’s show,” Ammar reportedly said. “Note what Jon Stewart said as a joke. He said: ‘I am sorry I am late. I wandered in the desert, but now I’ve found my homeland.’ That’s what he said word for word — a Jew who wandered in the desert, but, thank God, found his homeland. This man says, in the heart of Egypt and on an Egyptian media outlet, that Egypt belongs to them, that it is his homeland.”

Youssef has faced a lot of troubles at home for his satire of the Egyptian government: When Mohamed Morsi was in power as Egypt’s president, his supporters sought to have Youssef tried on charges of “insulting the president.” Morsi was deposed over the summer, but one week after returning to his show, Youssef was yanked from the air and has since faced multiple accusations that he “insulted the military.”

You can watch Stewart’s appearance on Youssef’s show here. And here’s a recent appearance by Bassem Youssef on The Daily Show:

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