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Regardless of whether or not you play in week 17 or not, if you had any interest in the results of week 16, chances are it was either you league’s Superbowl or the first half of a two-week title match up. In either case, these guys didn’t give you the warm and fuzzies as you watched them lay an egg when you had it all on the line. The scores listed here are based on the standard format.

QB: Drew Brees, 11pts
Brees is still going to be one of the top 3 Quarterbacks off the board next year, but his home vs road numbers will probably sway a lot of people picking between him and the rest of the elite guys. This was a game both the Saints and his fantasy owners had to have and Brees was ineffective. Blame the Carolina D, blame the conditions, blame the offensive line, blame Canada — in any event, this was a guy you built your team around who let you down in the most important game of the year.

RB: Darren Sproles, 1pt
Sproles was once a PPR sure bet and the king of all Flex plays; this week and for most of the season, that just hasn’t been the case. As Pierre Thomas has eaten into his usual receiving role and the Saints have gone away from him, one can only hope that if you managed to weather this down game that you have other options. The Saints haven’t taken advantage of Sproles like they have in the past and if you’re protecting a lead or playing catch up, you have to look elsewhere this week.

RB: Reggie Bush, 2pts
For those of you like myself who own Reggie Bush, this has been a frustratingly up and down season. While when on the field and playing, he has been electric and a perfect fit for the uptempo Detroit Lions; when he’s ceded work to Bell, it has been maddening. This was again the case: after losing another fumble, Bush spent most of the day in a must-win watching from the sidelines while his owners cursed the Lions coach for ruining their title hopes.

WR: Desean Jackson, 3pts
In a game where the Eagles racked up 54 points, one would think that the Eagles’ leading receiver would have had a big day. Instead, with McCoy and crew running at will, it was a down game when you needed your stud the most. If you weathered this particular stinker though, you have to think that against a possibly historically bad Cowboy’s secondary that Jackson will be able to muster one last Fly Eagles Fly type of day.

WR: Calvin Johnson, 4pts
WHATS.WRONG.WITH.MEGATRON? This is the only top ten worthy WR, a guy who you passed up multiple big name players for. This past few weeks, you just haven’t received that kind of production. The problem is, no fantasy owner worth his salt can bear to bench the best receiver in the world. One has to hope that if he’s hurt that the Lions shut him down, he recovers, as they no longer have any meaningful games left.

TE: Jason Witten, 1pt
The artist formerly known as Tony Romo’s Safety Blanket only managed two catches for 13 yards against an awful Redskin team. With Romo out this week, one has to wonder if the backup Kyle Orton will look his way often this week.

D/ST: Browns, -3pts
For a team that rung up a lot of points against an explosive Bears unit, this was possibly the letdown of the week for those of us who had been going the “whatever defense is playing against the Jets” route. Instead, they managed to put up negative points in a title tilt and in a close game may have had you wanting to put them all in the Dog House.

K: Ryan Succop, 0pts
0-1 looks mighty poor for a guy on a team that scored eight touchdowns last week. While it wasn’t negative, you had to want more than nothing in a game for all the marbles.

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