The fallout continues from the infamous celebrity fight that occurred on British TV – with widespread reports that US stars Farrah Abraham and Janice Dickinson have both been cautioned by cops for their roles in the affair.

The trouble flared during a live studio debate between former housemates from reality show Celebrity Big Brother. According to eye-witness claims, things turned nasty when Teen Mom star Farrah called a UK-based model a ‘hag’.

Champagne glasses were thrown amid scenes that apparently resembled a wild west brawl. British actress Vicki Michelle suffered minor injuries and later told a newspaper that she feared she could have been blinded.

Now according to the Daily Mirror and a number of other news sites, Farrah and Janice have been spoken to by cops and issued with cautions, which in the UK are a form of warning which requires no further police action.

Meanwhile, Farrah claims she is suing FilmOn TV star Janice – and there is speculation that Vicki may press charges against Farrah.

You can read the history of the whole shit-storm via the links below. Reality TV – don’t you just love it?

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