Spring has sprung. The daffodils are out. The grass is green. One thing is inevitable, Gaga is horny.

Some things are best left private, but when you’re pop’s most eccentric fruit looper a little sharing is no bad thing.

Lady G took to Instagram to announce to her millions of followers that she was feeling as frisky as David Hasselhoff in a nunnery.

She posted a sexy snap and said:

“My fiancé left to film a movie, I’m horny and I need a cocktail.”

Whether she needs a cock or a cocktail, Ginger Clam supports her needs.

She also posted this hornified message alongside a Cadillac pic a few days ago:

“I just wanna take my panties off and do this car.”

We aren’t sure if Gaga could handle a Mini or a Hummer but we would sure like to see the video footage.

Car shagging is a hugely popular sport in parts of Deep South US and Ginger Clam hopes to become an Olympic champion.

Gaga’s photos seem to be a lot more entertaining than her music these days so we hope she keeps posting such fun snaps.

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