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The first Pay-Per-View in Glory history had the stars out from the City of Angels at The Forum in Inglewood, California, former home of the Los Angeles Lakers and a venue where Elvis Presley performed twice at.

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Dolph Lundgren, who stars in the upcoming The Expendables 3 (and played ‘Ivan Drago’ in Sylvester Stallone’s other big movie series Rocky) was ringside along with Fear Factor host and UFC commentator Joe Rogan; the highest paid actor in the world Liev Schrieber (Ray Donovan, X-Men: Wolverine Origins); and UFC stars Nick Diaz and Josh Barnett.

Former UFC star and current Fox commentator Kenny Florian was on hand — as was Wilmer Valderrama, who is known for ‘Fez’ from That 70s Show. Fez, er Wilmer, was interviewed live on television during a break in action at the event, but also loud enough for fans to hear. When asked his impression of the fights, Valderrama started saying, “Yes, I’m enjoying the action,” but as soon as fans saw him on the big screen, the boo’s started pouring in, making his interview inaudible at the fight.

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Why the boo’s came, I have no idea, but what’s not to like about ‘Fez?’ Sure he’s hard to understand, barely speaks English and has thick lisp, but so what?

As for the event, it was a big night, with three championship titles on the line and an 8-man tournament. Rico Verhoeven won the heavyweight title, Artem Levin took home the middleweight championship and Joseph Vallentini became the new welterweight champion.

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