The human body is remarkable in the way that it heals itself when damaged. If you break your Clam, you’re screwed. If you break a bone it will only take a few months’ before it is in working order again. If you get a cut the wound will heal within weeks. However, if you break or lose a tooth it is not much the body can do about it.

But where nature fails technology steps in, and in this case in the shape of a tooth sized beer bottle opener.

In an ad campaign for Salta Beer, sporting injuries are highlighted with a specific focus on having a tooth knocked out. But instead of sobbing like a baby about the loss, Salta felt that they should be rewarded for their sacrifice by giving them beer bottle opener tooth implants.

This, of course, offers them the opportunity to be the centre of attention at any barbeque or social situation where a beer bottle needs opening – the first name on the guestlist!

Cheers guys. Less sore than using your Ginger Clam.

Enjoy the video below!

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