Adele may have a gazillion Grammy Awards to her name – but it seems that she still loves a bit of turd talk on the right occasion.

The Hello singer wowed crowds at the Glasto festival in the UK at the weekend with a series of stage quips that apparently included 33 cuss-words in 90 minutes.

We haven’t been this excited about a celebrity’s potty-mouth since Ben Affleck made Ginger Clam’s beaver twitch with his dirty talk on HBO!

According to press reports, Adele asked the audience questions that included: “Have any of you had a piss down the front?”

Then there was the inevitable follow-up: “Have any of you had a shit?”

The star’s language was so fruity that those posh dudes at the BBC were forced to put out a warning. Meanwhile, the crowd seemed to loved the show regardless (check out the video of the audience reaction below).

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