Tourists in Bali are being attacked by a bunch of hungry monkeys who steal iPhones and use them to barter for food.

It sounds too crazy to be be true – but we shit you not: it’s actually happening and it’s all been caught on an amazing video that’s currently doing the rounds on social media.

Wildlife expert Chris Packham, 54, from England visited the temple of Uluwatu in Bali on behalf of the BBC to study the behaviour of a troupe of thieving primates.

It seems that the little f*****s are robbing every day from humans. Cells, sunglasses even sandals for Christ’s sake! But top of their wish list are iPhones – and these gangsters are in the ransom business.

In a fascinating experiment, Chris allows one monkey to grab his iPhone in the hope that the crafty dude will exchange his cell for some munch! Thankfully for Chris, after a bit of bartering the cheeky chap returned his phone.

Now that’s what you call a good bit of monkey business!

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