Will Ferrell picked up yet another prize at the GQ Awards – and made a crazy speech in which he joked that he’d prepared by snorting coke!

The world class funny-man made a hilarious acceptance address during which told an audience in the UK: Ahhh, thank you, I feel a little emotional actually.

“Erm, partially because of this award and I was afraid my speech would be to slow … I did a little bit of cocaine in the bathroom and when I do too much coke I cry.”

During the hysterical spiel he also announced his admiration for model-actor David Gandy in a pretty straight forward way.

“David Gandy, I wanna examine you for testicular cancer. You are a dreamboat. You my friend. WOW! WOW!!! I am not gonna stop looking at you,” he said.

As the awards ceremony took place in London, he also decided to entertain the local crowd with a bit of a dig at Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho, who was accused last season of playing overly-defensive football.

Will said: “Hoooo…Hooooose Mourinho! Jose Mourinho! Keep playing defence man. Keep playing seven guys in the box. I love it, I love it.”

And to finish it off, Will faked a heart attack, gasping: “Ahh, my heart’s raising. I don’t wanna die tonight. I DON’T WANNA DIE! Anyway thank you GQ, GQ, thank you.”

Will was named as Comedian of the Year. Rightly.

Watch the video below (the speech starts around 2:00 minutes in)

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