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I was just down in L.A. and I stopped by Hologram USA’s studio on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills to see what they were up after the Jimmy Kimmel 3D Hologram they did. And what was great was that I got to try out a new game system they are launching at CES this year.

It’s called the 3DHead hand controller and headset. It was pretty amazing actually… I didn’t expect to see this this at all. I though this was going to be some kind of VR knock off like Oculus but its not VR at all its traditional 2k resolution projection in headset using optics and mirrors to give you a fully immersive look and feel.

A switch enables you flip down a screen inside to play 3D games or watch 3Dmovies. It’s really light and well balanced so there’s zero discomfort. It’s totally wireless, totally immersive except a slim HMI cable that connects to Xbox, PlayStation or other devices.

The hand-controller of the 3DHead is the really amazing thing. It’s based on the same technology that drives the GCS3 Gamecaster. That’s that big game studios like EA buy for about $ 50,000. Relax… 3DHead is preselling at $ 595 for the hand controller and probably the same price for the headset.

Both the headset and hand-controller have got a great lineup of chips including inclinator chips inside them so there is full motion tracking of your head and hands. So coupled with the GCS3 software that’s been slightly adapted this is really powerful stuff.

This is the first time I’ve played a PC Game without a keyboard or mouse. I’m a purist so it was weird at first to be completely wireless with the hand controller that tracked all my moves. But it didn’t take long and soon I was playing Titanfall. Without keyboard and mouse… it’s a pretty cool experience.

But what is extra special about the hand controller is the detachable 10 inch Android 3D tablet that you can watch 3D movies or play 3D Games with get this…. No glasses! The craze is sweeping Asia right now and hasn’t caught up in the West yet so this is the first time I actually saw this. This is really impressive.

The bill for both items is under a grand so its super expensive but if you like gadgets and cool gaming stuff then you’ll get a kick out of this.. I could play with this all the time. There’s some interesting Internet TV and 3D Movie packages that come bundled in the software.

Check it out at www.3DHEAD.com

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