Fury star Brad Pitt gets his butt kicked in Zach Galifianakis’ latest hilarious interview – in which Zach says he’s had to resort to interviewing ‘dumb actors’!

The online chat host also accuses Brad of looking like ‘Hitler’s dream’ and makes a series of scathing comments about Pitt.

Zach has managed to get hold of a great range of big names to star in short interviews on his online show ‘Between Two Ferns’. Will Ferrell, Justin Bieber and none other than president Barack Obama are amongst the names that have previously taken part in the extremely awkward chats, but this time it was Brad Pitt’s turn.

As per usual there’s plenty of tension in the studio, mostly due to Galifianakis being extremely good at being awkward.

Zach, probably most famous for his role in The Hangover trilogy, starts off the interview by talking to one of the film crew, saying: “No, I’m just saying that I interviewed the President last time. Now I’ve gotta, you know, go back to interviewing dumb actors.”

The conversation stays awkward throughout with statements from the host like: “You play a lot of people that are, kind of, Nazi haters which is weird to me.”

To which Pitt replies: “Why do you say that?”

Zach answers with: “Because you look like Hitler’s dream.”

According to the the New York Daily News, Brad squirms throughout the interview. There is also a moment where Galifianakis picks up a chewing gum that Brad Pitt coughs up, before he gives it back to him again.

Watch the whole video in this article and for more clips and live TV channels go to FilmOn.com


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