Dim the lights, tune in and chill out – legendary stoner Tommy Chong is launching a new ‘Cannabis Infused Talk and Variety Show’ at FilmOn.com.

The Grammy award-winning comedian kicks off the mayhem with his debut tonight at 8pm PDT / 11pm EDT (Oct 23) – plus there’s a Saturday night encore showing at 1am PST. The show is presented by WeedMaps.

Tommy – part of infamous weed-lovin’ comedy duo Cheech & Chong – is promising the show will explore ‘anything that affects the pot smoker’s status in any way, negative or positive’.

Subjects are likely to include his own battle with cancer and his search for salvation through medical marijuana. Here at Ginger Clam we applaud Tommy’s passion for the ‘sacred herb’ and we reckon this time around he’s definitely hit the jack-POT!

Judging from Tommy’s stellar guests who are highlighted in the trailer  (click here to watch), the show has all the hallmarks of being a seriously major hit. Big names include Danny Trejo, Steve-O, Andy Milonakis and Chef Roy Choi (to name but a few).

The show is a co-production with Chongson Inc and FilmOn Networks with title sponsor WeedMaps. FilmOn CEO Alki David said: “I am thrilled to co-produce and distribute Almost Legal with Tommy Chong. His fans are legion, and his comedy has never been more relevant – and poignant – than now.”

* Catch the show worldwide at FilmOn.com/Chong and on FilmOn’s FOTV channel (Dish Network channel 6 and KIIO 10.2 in Los Angeles. Also available for purchase at MondoTunes and major digital stores such as iTunes.

Learn more about WeedMaps at https://weedmaps.com

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