This has to be the wildest Carpool Karaoke yet but it’s bloody fantastic!

The dudes from the amazing Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer joined TV host James Corden of The Late Late Showfor a crazy spin into work.

We got a real insight into how nutty Flea and Anthony are when they debuted “Heemi Lheemey,” a wild yodel type track the pair wrote many years ago, whilst they were high.

Flea said: “We were 15-years-old sleeping on a rock out in the woods smoking large quantities of marijuana.” After performing a sensational rendition of the song James paused and said “Are you sure it was just marijuana?!” Fair question!

Things got a little intense when James and Anthony argued about who would win in a wrestling match … moments later the two were battling it out on some random lawn! Due to the incessant giggling coming from the TV host, Anthony stole the victory … We weren’t surprised considering the shape he’s in compared to James.

Having said that, barely after the guys crammed back into the motor the tubby host went toe to toe with Anthony and Flea by taking his top off in true Red Hot Chilli Peppers style. Much to our disappointment Chad and Josh didn’t fancy getting involved, the bores!

Corden said: “Do you know what, as soon as I took my took off I felt great! This is the weird thing about having my top off – if I’m in the car by myself on my own with my top off I look weird, somehow the fact that the three of us have our tops off, it feels completely normal. Am I wrong?”

By this point we were exhausted watching this at the Ginger Clam HQ but of course there was one more story that shocked us …

It was revealed that the one and only Cher used to babysit the Chilli’s frontman as a 12-year-old and whilst the pair got ready for bed, the little rascal peered through a gap in the bathroom door and watched the famous singer undress!

James asked if he’s even confronted his former sitter to which he replied with: “I did, I asked her and she said ‘what are you talking about?’

We’d love to know the full story on this one!

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