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It’s only been about about a week since Kanye West released his strange and highly mockable music video for “Bound 2” — also starring a topless Kim Kardashian writhing on a motorcycle. But that was more than enough time for James Franco and Seth Rogen to create the definitive parody video, “Bound 3.”

On Monday, the pair released a shot-by-shot recreation of Kanye’s video, complete with Franco decked out in flannel and Rogen smoldering at the camera, just as topless as Kim. As the title card for the parody explains, Franco and Rogen filmed their version while on set for their new movie The Interview, where they were “inspired to recreate their favorite new video. Shot. For. Shot.”


And here, for comparison, is Kanye’s original:

Watch more comedy at the College Humor channel on FilmOn:

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