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Bill Cosby’s attempt to have a defamation suit brought against him by model and FilmOn TV Networks star Janice Dickinson dismissed.
A Los Angeles judge ruled the legal action should move forward. In her complaint, Dickinson claimed Cosby chose to “vilify” her in his denials to her 2014 accusation that he drugged and raped her in 1982.

Though accusations have been flying for decades and warning signs were everywhere–Janice Dickinson‘s most blunt allegation that Bill Cosby raped her in the 1980’s came three years ago on her own TV show on FilmOn TV Networks.

In the clip from December 8 of 2013 recorded at FilmOn’s Beverly Hills studios, below, which follows a discussion about Mike Tyson and other athletes with past sex crime problems, Dickinson is asked, “Have you ever been raped?”

“I have been raped and I didn’t like it,” Dickinson responds without hesitation. “It was from Bill Cosby back in the day. Bill Cosby threw me down and against my will, plunged it.”

She goes on to say, “I still have post traumatic stress over the situation.”

Lisa Bloom, Dickinson’s lawyer, said the ruling was significant because Cosby had vehemently fought accusations of sexual misconduct.”Bill Cosby has fought to keep women out of court with regard to their rape allegations,” said Bloom. “Janice and I, side by side, have been fighting for this day for a year.”

Though she calls Cosby, “a bad guy” in her 2006 interview with Howard Stern, she falls short of actually making the clear allegation in the interview on his show.

Hollywood superlawyer Marty Singer has attacked Dickinson for coming forward. This clip–aired before FilmOn’s audience of 40 million world wide per month–shows her making the allegations with no agenda, nothing to gain, and at a time when there was no media storm surrounding Cosby. Singer is known for taking defending the seemingly un-defendable. Watch the original video clip taped at FilmOn Studios in Beverly Hills below or click here.

Monique Pressley, Cosby’s lawyer, said she was considering an appeal and will continue to argue that the case should be thrown out.


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