Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel attempted to resolve their showbiz feud by going to couples counselling on Jimmy Kimmel Live … but it didn’t quite go to plan.

The two were bickering like an old married couple throughout the sketch – Matt claimed to be devastated about Jimmy’s reaction to his bumper stickers, which aim to promote his new movie, Jason Bourne

Apparently ‘Honk if you’re BOURNEY’ didn’t sit well with Kimmel!

The counsellor, Paul tried a new method of therapy to bring the two closer together – he asked the guys to demonstrate their feelings towards one another through ‘art’.

Damon said: “This is my rendition of this show and its host. This is Jimmy Kimmel Live and that’s an ass face … That’s how I feel about Jimmy and his show.”

Jimmy responded by drawing a huge dick! Unsurprisingly, this caused them to crack up and break out of character, the host said: “I drew a penis.” After uncontrollably laughing he added: “I think we’re done.”

Does this mean the feud is over? We hope not!

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