Actor Chris Pratt does a pretty mean job of battling dinosaurs in hit movie Jurassic World – but how would he react if he came face to face with a snarling beast in the real world?

That’s what Polish prankster Sylwester Wardega set out to discover in his new viral video in which he sneaks up on the Hollywood star with a life-size moving model of a Velociraptor.

Wardega, you may recall, is the genius behind the infamous ‘spider dog’ video that took YouTube by storm last year. Amazingly, he’s now managed to pounce on Pratt in person with his fake dino.

That’s a great lark considering that Pratt is currently Hollywood’s hottest property, Jurassic World having taken $524million in its opening weekend.

Pratt seems to get a genuine shock in the resulting viral video, but he reacts good-naturedly by joking that Wardega is a mother****er and asking how to insult somebody in Polish.

Watch and enjoy.

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