Apparently it’s been five minutes and that means it’s time for Justin Bieber to be back in headlines again. His newest viral video sensation is that of his Miami deposition regarding an incident that took place last summer where Bieber allegedly told one of his bodyguards to go after a photographer and get the memory card from his camera. In the video, the 20-year-old pop sensation gets sassy with the lawyer asking him questions and in case there was any doubt, the topic of Selena Gomez is definitely off limits. Once Bieber was done telling the attorney to never ask him about Gomez again, Twitter exploded with their reaction to JBiebz and his latest controversy. Seriously, you guys need to step it up.

It’s okay, we all have regrets.

In case you were wondering.

Some people would agree, others would probably be offended.

Apparently, the Biebz is a huge hit with the punks.

There’s definitely some good character development going on here.

Did anybody hear about that plane crash somewhere? No? Okay.

We can’t tell if she’s happy or disgusted.

You can find the Bieber Deposition listed under comedy on Netflix.

Don’t forget your friendly PSA folks! Just say no, kids.

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