Novelist Bret Easton Ellis of American Psycho fame recently admitted to Vice Magazine that he is collaborating on a film with ultra-famous rapper Kanye West.

When West initially approached Ellis about making the film he didn’t want to do it and felt that he was the wrong man for the job. After listening to an advance copy of Yeezus though, Ellis changed his tune and thought that regardless of whether he was right for it or not, he wanted to work with the man who made the album happen.

All of this happened before the Yeezus tour, before the logistical issues that caused performance postponements and before the ridiculous ‘Bound 2’ music video starring his wife Kim Kardashian that consequently spawned a hilarious spoof from James Franco and Seth Rogen, appropriately titled ‘Bound 3‘.

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Despite West’s consistent media impression as pompous and narcissistic, Ellis said he really likes West as a person and that sitting in a room for three hours and having a conversation with West is a “mind-blowing” experience.

Ellis’ most recent notable work was The Canyons, a flop that co-starred the uncooperative and difficult to work with Lindsay Lohan. That’s not to overshadow the immense success of American Psycho, the thriller adapted from Ellis’ 1991 novel of the same name which has now also been adapted as a musical in London. Ellis’ writing clearly has great screen potential, but this may be a stretch for the 49-year-old writer.

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Right now the collaboration is in “Kanye land” as Ellis put it (we’re wondering if this is a real place, and if so, what’s the quickest way to get there?) meaning that it’s “subject to a whole other time frame.” Until then we’ll wait patiently for what will be either the greatest work or worst flop in both West’s and Ellis’ film careers.

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West and Ellis’ film might be a flop, but you can watch undisputed classics on the Hollywoodland channel via FilmOn:

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