The Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce drama is never ending.  Although they have long been officially divorced, tabloid headlines from In Touch and Life & Style magazines so ticked Cruise off that he filed a $50 million defamation suit against the publisher of both magazines, Bauer, for headlines which accused him of abandoning his daughter Suri after he and Holmes split. The deposition documents were first obtained by TMZ.

What is driving Cruise to re-air his dirty laundry?  He says love for his daughter Suri is the reason. He admits that a huge part of Holmes suddenly leaving him was that she didn’t want her daughter raised in Scientology, the religious organization Cruise has spent most of his adult life devoted to. Cruise was truly blind-sided by the divorce; literally days before Holmes filed divorce papers in New York, she was sharing a romantic, hand-holding hot chocolate with him in Berlin.

Insiders that know both say that Holmes was not the innocent, naïve young lady she portrayed herself to be. They say she is a very savvy woman, who knew exactly what she was getting herself into. She also comes from an educated, supportive family who she relies on.

So why did she marry Cruise in the first place, when she knew of his involvement in the controversial religion, which some call a cult? Ambition drives her, and this relatively unknown actress became hugely famous worldwide practically overnight. What will next week bring? Insiders say that Cruise won’t back down because he was accused of abandoning his daughter, something that the highly principled Cruise won’t abide by. He admits he didn’t see her for three months after the divorce, attributing that to the aftermath of the divorce and his tight schedule, which had him shooting various films overseas.

He says that he called her every day and made sure he stayed in contact. To give Cruise some credit, he does have an excellent reputation in Hollywood. He’s not a diva, he’s known to be gracious to all of his fans at events and is also known to be terrific and easy to work for and with. He’s plainly devoted to his two older children with Nicole KidmanBella and Connor.  Tinseltown knows that Tom is extremely driven and laser focused. Bauer should rightly be a bit, if not a lot, nervous.  Tom is a heat seeking missile on this one, he isn’t backing down.

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