Tired of being overshadowed by her wild offspring, Kris Jenner rocked her socks off last night at her 60th birthday celebrations.

The sexy cougar, who had her toyboy Corey Gamble, 34, in tow, ‘passed out’ in her car at the Hollywood event. That’s according to the Dail Mail who snapped the Kardashian matriarch looking like a messy bag of bollocks. Classy.

The $2m Great Gatsby themed bash attracted the great and the good (we mean some famous losers). Kendall went as character Daisy Buchanan. Kylie wore a big silly silver gown and must have thought she was Cinderella.

Kim and Kanye probably looked like twats as well, but we didn’t bother checking.

Boy George showed up in a black suit and sporting a fedora. While model Chrissy Teigen displayed some pretty crazy make-up and showed off her baby bump.

More than 300 guests were invited to the event, getting properly schnazzled on the free champers and treats. How lovely for them. Ginger Clam was invited but had to withdraw because of Kanye’s restraining order against her.

There was no word on what happened to poor unconscious Kris in the car, she might still be there. She’ll be needing the bathroom so any LA readers that spot her please wind down the windows and give the poor love some fresh air.

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