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With the public, and government bodies, becoming more and more enlightened about the benefits of cannabis-based products, a new, more knowledgeable consumer has learned to appreciate what more distinctive, hand-crafted, and pure products can do. And products like SwissX–which produces what some have called the finest CBD oil available–are poised to change the way people think about pot in their lives.

The New York Times has called the boom in “luxury pot” one of the fastest growing businesses, ready to hit $7 billion this year. FourTwoNine magazine devoted its Spring issue to the topic, with Merle Ginsburg writing: “Today, if you’re an urban sophisticate—a discerning aesthete into designer clothing, bespoke travel and the newest Apple tech toys—then this bud’s definitely for you…cannabis has grown up, gone luxe, and morphed into a multibillion dollar luxury business that’s infiltrated fashion, dining, drinking, grooming, wellness, and even sex.”

The gap between seedy joints smoked in the school yard, and marijuana tasting dinners that can go for a $1000 a head, pairing strains with the finest foods, is being filled by revolutionary companies like SwissX. Led by a team of scientists and a billionaire media mogul, the company cultivates its own strains outside of Gstaad, Switzerland, bringing the purest mountain air into the mix.

It then extracts from the hemp seeds a CBD oil that is purer than any available on the market. Top labs in the U.S. and Europe have shown it to be more powerful than any similar oil–and without the psychoactive effects that THC causes, the oils are fully safe and legal. People are using CDB oils for all manner of health uses–it’s been shown to relieve anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, arthritis and all kinds of other ailments–including general men’s health and women’s health. The U.S. government even came out with a study recently showing it is beneficial in alleveiating side effects from cancer treatments. The American Cancer Society has also backed the usage.

Indeed luxury cannabis products are moving fully into the mainstream. SwissX’s CBD oil, for example, is available in health food and wellness stores in two of the top zip codes in America: Malibu and Beverly Hills. Because its patented extraction technique derives the oil only from seeds, it is legal in more states than any other o

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