Law enforcement veteran Matt Rodriguez once again proved his respect for his community and law enforcement when he participated in an one-on-one interview on the AirTalk news program on KPCC FM radio last Wednesday, May 4. Rodriguez, who’s the only remaining Republican candidate in this year’s L.A. County Sheriff race, discussed why he’s the best nominee to be voted into office.

During the interview, one of the topics the conservative candidate discussed was what he will bring to the position if he’s elected to be the next L.A. County Sheriff. “First of all, I would bring back some professionalism to the position of sheriff…(I will also) work cohesively with community members, elected officials and other experts in different fields to solve society’s problems,” he shared.

Rodriguez also shared what differentiates himself from his fellow nominees: “What I want to make clear today is that I’m quite a bit different than rest of the candidates. I came at you with a very conservative position on how we can solve all of society’s ills that we’re seeing in L.A. County.”

One of the leading topics in the current sheriff election race is the public’s concern over the high crime rate that’s currently plaguing L.A. County.  As the only conservative candidate still running for one of the top leadership police positions in a county that’s overwhelmingly Democratic, Rodriguez’s unique beliefs will help lower the crime rate.

“We’re two years into this utopian philosophy that was put forth by liberals. With the defunding movement…I ask everyone, ‘How’s that working out?,'” the Republican nominee asked.

“This model that’s been presented by the board of supervisors is not working. We need to get back to the core fundamental principals of enforcing the laws, and that’s the first thing I plan to do when I get into office. I will motivate the deputies to get back to law and order. I am the candidate that stands for respect for our community, our law enforcement and our respect for the rule of law,” Rodriguez proclaimed.

As we’ve previously reported, residents of L.A. county have expressed their desire to see new leadership in the sheriff’s office and a new vision for public safety. Like Rodriguez, the public is upset with the performance by the current L.A. County Sheriff, Alex Villanueva, a Democratic who repeatedly defends his record, despite the fact that the crime rate has drastically increased during his time in office.

Rodriguez, who once served as Captain in the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, also shared on his official campaign website that he feels “Public safety is a shared responsibility that requires positive working relations built upon public consent, trust, understanding and innovation.” As Sheriff, he’ll rally the community to join the department to solve criminal problems and create a safer community for everyone.

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