Cow got your tongue? Mila Kunis chomped down on a juicy cow tongue on James Corden‘s Late Late Show, during a game called ‘Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts’.

It’s basically truth or dare with a horrendous twist, where the contestants have to answer a controversial question or eat something revolting.

The stunning actress, Mila had the option to either eat a cows tongue or answer this question from the host: “Can you explain the plot of the movie that you were in, Jupiter Ascending, and as a secondary question, then explain why you did it? Over to you Kunis!”

After incessantly laughing she began to explain but gave in almost immediately and proceeded to take a heifer of a bite! Fair play Kunis …. her Bad Moms co-star Christina Applegate was also playing but all she did was gag throughout the entire segment.

Corden then had a dilemma himself, where he had reveal who his least favourite carpool karaoke was with or eat a Calf’s brain, which looked ‘udderly’ disgusting!

After much consideration James couldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings and wolfed down the slimy bowl – what a trooper!

The guy’s no stranger to a big meal but we’re pretty sure that was his worst.

* Watch the disgusting video below and in the meantime go to, where there are hundreds of FREE TV channels to watch.

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