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If there’s anyone who knows how to be nearly naked in public, it’s Miley Cyrus. The “Wrecking Ball”-singing twerk tour de force is supporting the “Free the Nipple” campaign, an organization dedicated to “decriminalizing” the female body. She tweeted a photo of herself holding a giant nipple over her eye.

It’s only stands to reason that if men can walk around shirtless, women should be able to do the same. And, Cyrus reasons, with all the violence on TV these days, what’s a little nip slip?

Cyrus isn’t the only person to try to bring the nipple into the mainstream. There’s the Go Topless protest annually in Venice Beach, CA promoting shirtless equality, and breastfeeding groups have been advocating to normalize public breastfeeding.

America’s continued love affair with violence and bloodshed, but prudishness about sexuality is an old argument, but we’re glad to see Cyrus coming in like a wrecking ball on the subject. We expect a future NippleGate in the pop star’s near future.

On FilmOn, you can watch bikini babes all day long on FilmOn. Maybe one day, it’ll be topless TV:

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