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Yipee! It looks like Miley ‘don’t work just twerk’ Cyrus has finally got over Liam Hemsworth; the little pop minx has gone public with her new man – Terminator spawn, Patrick Schwarzenegger!

Rumours have been circulating for weeks that Cyrus was getting jiggy with Arnie’s little dude, Patrick. Now, the hot new couple have let the world know in grand style. The pair appeared together at a football game in LA on Friday night and made their passion public – exchanging prolonged kisses, with Schwarzenegger holding his iPhone up at one point to catch the steamy moments on camera.

It turns out that Patrick has fancied Miley since he was a little 17 year old. In 2011 he told Details magazine that he had his eye on the pop star. Perhaps Cyrus should not be picking out her wedding gown quite yet – in the same interview the male model declared Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez were ‘girls for the future’.

Anyway, for now, Ginger Clam is happy that the pair are getting their groove on and embarrassing themselves in public. Even more pleasing is that Patrick’s mum reportedly hates the relationship and it looks like there could be drama ahead! Hollywood Life reports a source as saying:

“It is beyond true that Maria Shriver disapproves of the relationship that Patrick is starting with Miley. She is so controlling when it comes to the image of the family and that is eating her up inside. She is getting some support from other family members as well, but she isn’t getting the same support from Arnold because Arnold is happy with whatever Patrick gets himself into in the girls department.”

Arnie clearly knows that Miley is going to guarantee his boy a good bit of fun. Enjoy it, Paddy, it won’t last!

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