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One time White House regular, Monica Lewinsky, came out about her global humiliation to Vanity Fair.

The now 40-year-old says she felt the need to come forward after the tragic death of Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers University freshman who committed suicide after being publicly humiliated by his roommate.

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Lewinsky blames the internet, among other things, for any emotional trauma she suffered post-affair. The quickness and ease of sharing information made it that much worse for her during the mid-nineties.

“Sure, my boss took advantage of me, but I will always remain firm on this point: it was a consensual relationship. Any ‘abuse’ came in the aftermath, when I was made a scapegoat in order to protect his powerful position. . . . The Clinton administration, the special prosecutor’s minions, the political operatives on both sides of the aisle, and the media were able to brand me. And that brand stuck, in part because it was imbued with power… thanks to the Drudge Report, I was also possibly the first person whose global humiliation was driven by the Internet,” she said.

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While all of that is valid, why is she coming out now? Clementi died in 2010, so why wait four years after the event that supposedly spurred her to say something, to say something?

And maybe it’s part of the story that she felt she needed to clarify, but Lewinsky makes sure to note that her relationship with then-president Bill Clinton was 100% consensual, although now she says, “I, myself, deeply regret what happened between me and President Clinton. Let me say it again: I. Myself. Deeply. Regret. What. Happened.”

Another think it seems only a little fishy to bring back the scandal that will never truly go away, to a major publication, so close to the 2016 presidential election, for which we’ve all heard the rumors concerning Hillary running the race.

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Bottom line? Timing makes this weird. What Lewinsky has to say is valid and deserves its place in print. She has the right to say her part of the story as she sees fit. But why now? We’re guessing only time will tell.

The full version of this story hits the internet in digital format May 8, and newsstands May 13.

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