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There are some classic combinations that go together so well, it’s hard to imagine one without the other: peanut butter and jelly, the Kardashians and professional athletes, Rupert Murdoch and… romance novels? The 83-year-old billionaire News Corp Executive Chairman has found himself yet another cash cow, thanks to his company’s recent acquisition of Harlequin, the publishing powerhouse behind Fabio’s fame and all those bodice-rippers at the drugstore checkout counter. According to the New York Times, News Corp shelled out $415 million for the Toronto-based company, which publishes a staggering 65 books each month, an incredible feat in an industry whose increasing reliance on digital media is an ever-present threat to the printed word and its supporters.

While Harlequin has long relied on the standard “boy meets girl, boy romances girl, boy learns how to remove girl’s clothing with his teeth” course of events, we can only imagine that things may be shaken up at the 65-year-old company once News Corp gets their claws into it. Luckily, we’ve been leaked a list of titles being published under Murdoch’s watchful eye:

  • The Billionaire’s New Bride
  • The Hottie and the Yachtie
  • Oxford Comma
  • Spendy Wendi and the Great Affair
  • A Listener on the Line
  • The Virgin of Vassar
  • The Prime Minister’s Party Boat
  • Ladies Love Lachlan
  • A Mistress in Melbourne
  • The Mysterious Mr. M
  • We’ll Always Have Australia
  • Striking it Rich
  • A New Bride For Blair
  • The Exchange Student’s Older Man
  • Rebekah, Rebel

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